We're creating A place where queer parents can share,prepare for babe(s), & connect.

Find your Queer 'village' that will be here with you as you journey into parenthood!


Hey! I'm Naomi. It is SO NICE to meet you, friend. Welcome.

I started The Queer Nest Club because Queer soon-to-be and new parents deserve a safe, affirming and empowering space to find their 'village'. Their support community. Their people to lean on. Especially in the pandemic. 

But even without a global pandemic, us in Western societies are finding ourselves so...isolated in our postpartum period. We had or received this babe(s) and now have them at home alone and we have no idea what to do or who to talk to. 


What if there was another way?

There is another way... you're looking at it! 

Here is a dedicated, intimate space for you to prepare, share and connect with your fellow Queer soon-to-be and new parents. This journey can be challenging and you shouldn't go it alone! We thrive with each other's help and shared experience.

This isn't just another facebook group. There are no algorithms here, no missed posts, no 'pic to get noticed'. Everybody is welcome and valued here. Everybody is seen. Everyone deserves a safe journey into parenthood. And this is a paid community, meaning folks in here are investing in themselves and their family and are ready to SHOW. UP and CONNECT.

And The Queer Nest Club is being facilitated and monitored by myself, a Certified Postpartum and Infant Care Doula, and Coach/Consultant. I've got TONS of knowledge and experience that needs to be shared with the soon-to-be and new parent world. Any question, just ask. That's why I am here. For YOU and your ultimate well-being and BEST postpartum experience POSSIBLE. You freaking deserve it. Allow me to guide you.

Why The Queer Nest Club?

I want to see Queer expectant and new parents THRIVE and be WELL. That is my mission: more happy & healthy Queer parents and families.

When you are well, it has a massive ripple effect through your family, your social circles, your neighborhood, your city, and BEYOND. 

Healthy beginnings in this next chapter of life can have such positive societal outcomes. 

By centering YOU in your postpartum experience, we are helping you reclaim and assert your personal power in a time when you need it most. 

We are making a classically hyper-feminine, cis- and hetero- normative birth world a world for ALL people.

We are changing the current paradigm that leaves people mostly alone after babe arrives. 

We are improving parental mental health outcomes. 

We are healing generational trauma. 

We are empowering your postpartum experience, and that of your Queer peers!

Will I learn anything?

If you'd like to, then YES! You get out what you put in! Show up, engage with others, take part in the prompts & scheduled events, and you will learn A TON.

Inside The Queer Nest Club, you can expect...

  • Monthly themes and weekly discussion questions relating to that month's theme
  • Fun questions to get to know people better!
  • Sharing wins and gratitude of the week
  • Member Stories
  • Virtual Events
  • Virtual weekly Office/Happy hour with your new friends and your favourite Host! I'm a valuable expert resource ready to get your questions answered, and chat all things new parenthood and babies!
  • To find like-minded, Queer-identifying individuals like yourself to connect with and befriend!

Your Results & Transformations

  1. To harness the skill and power of asking for help and leaning on community. And being part of something bigger than yourself by also contributing in return.
  2. Actually ENJOY your perinatal experience and journey into parenthood. 
  3. Transform from anxious/scared/isolated/disconnected to confident, connected, informed, and thriving. To emerge into this new chapter of parenthood with a strong foundation. To harness your power.
  4. Gain valuable new friendship(s) with other new/soon-to-be Queer parents. Feeling connected, supported, and part of something greater.
  5. To discover the powerful roles self-love and self-worth play in your parenting journey and how to develop it and honour it.
  6. To be connected with a professional in the perinatal industry who is respectful of you and super committed to supporting you.

A sneak peek at some of the Monthly Themes...

  • YOU: How do you show up in the world for yourself and for others?
  • Transitions & Challenges
  • Asking for help + Asking Questions
  • Relationships. Who are your people? Support team? Visitors?
  • YOU: Boundaries, slowing down, and reflecting.
  • Sleep
  • Preparing the Nest
  • Infant feeding and care
  • and many more!!!

So come on in! The water's warm (in a non-gross way).

This is a QUEER, welcoming, inclusive, supportive, loving space. No judgments will be tolerated. We are all on a shared mission to have more happy and healthy Queer parents!

Everyone's experience is cherished and valued. 

We are here to lift each other up.

This is an INTENTIONAL community. We value and respect this space.

We are choosing to be here, in support of each other and of something bigger than ourselves. 

We CANNOT wait to meet you and welcome you in.

Welcome to The Queer Nest Club, love.

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